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Divorce is favored over annulment when ending a marriage in Maryland, but unlike some other states, Maryland divorce laws sometimes present more hurdles. When ending a marriage, it is wise to consult a family law attorney to see whether divorce or annulment is more appropriate for your particular situation. The requirements for divorce and annulment vary from state to state.

An annulment is essentially a decree that renders a marriage null and void. The court is required to hear testimony from the plaintiff (person bringing the annulment proceedings) in open court in order to make a final determination as to whether annulment is proper.

A valid marriage in Maryland is one in which both parties were competent when they got married and both understood and consented to the change in marital status. Maryland requires individuals to apply for a license from the clerk of the county in which they marry. At least one of the partners must provide information about the full names of the couple, their residence, age, degree to which they are related (if any), their marital status and social security number. Occasionally, in spite of these precautions being taken, a couple will get married under circumstances that are different than their perceptions. Continue reading →

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